Transporting Aircraft Parts

From the moment you contact us, we start working on providing you with a solution to deliver your spare part from your warehouse or supplier to the airport where aircraft is due to land or is AOG.

We will co-ordinate with all parties involved so that the spare parts can be handed over to your machanic/engineer immediately, on arrival at the delivery address/point of handlover.

During the whole process, we will provide you with status reports, allowing you to easily keep track of the consignments progress.

From the smallest part to an aircraft engine, we have the right vehicle to carry out the transport safely and quickly.

We can also arrange for the damaged parts to be returned to your home base or directly to a designated repair shop.

This is all part of the service we offer.

If you require additional infotmation or assistance, please feel free to contact us an any time.

Tel.: +61 (0)73 073 4200